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Do this for me please.

This is affective in all states in the US. This affects EVERYONE. This is very important. Congress and customs are taking away your pocket knives if you carry them. This is the preemptive strike against those who carry knives. if you like the ability to carry, then send this in.

They are trying to say that any knife that you can open with one hand is a switchblade. This obviously isn't the case, and therefore should not be illegal. Knives are NOT just used as weapons. I use knives everyday to cut open boxes, letters, cut food and many other nonlethal applications.

Even if you don't use knives, think of who all this would impact. Think of what they would ban or outlaw next. This is about keeping our freedoms. Please help out. It would mean so much to me if you sent out these e-mails and letters. Plus I'll be more than happy to help out a cause you feel strongly for.

Send this model letter""
to whoever your representative is here ""

And print this model letter out "" and send it to them "U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Revenue Division/Mail Entry
6650 Telecom Drive Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46278.